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Tachyon Healing Chamber, Tasmanian

A wonderful coincidence happened just after my partner organised a mini getaway in Tasmania for the two of us. A fellow Practitioner shared with me the healing benefits of a Tachyon Chamber. A Tachyon Chamber is said to neutralise and harmonise the negative effects of harmful electro-magnetic fields (EMF) within and around the body. Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. They are particles that infuse physical matter with spiritual light.  The process of collecting Tachyon Particles is a highly guarded process that infuses physical matter with an increased quantity of tachyons and permanently changes quantum properties of atomic nuclei which compose that matter. Although the chemical composition is not altered, the change occurs on a subatomic level.  Because it decreases entropy of physical matter it could slow the ageing process and strengthen the immune system. After learning this, I then found out there is currently only one Tachyon Chamber in Australia and it is located in Tasmania which meant that the stars seemed to align to allow me to try it for myself.

Now if you are a nature lover like me, the winter wonderland of Tasmania is something you need to experience for yourself. If you aren't deterred by the possibility of driving along icy roads or being snowed in or out and you don't mind hiking in the cool weather, Tassy during winter is a must. It is the quiet season for tourism and we felt like we had the scenic roads all to ourselves. Everywhere we stopped the locals would love to have a chat and share their local knowledge of the area with us. Our accommodation was upgraded in most locations, our hiking and stay in Cradle Mountain was filled with snow and wildlife and the food in most places we stopped was delicious. We both would have loved more time away yet our schedule was tight having appointments organised for us both to experience the Tachyon Chamber.

My partner only learnt about the Tachyon Chamber as we quickly approached it's location. I read to him the following benefits he may receive:

  • Pain and lethargic symptoms decrease

  • The benefits I've read about include much faster

  • Muscular, skeletal, circulatory, nervous, lymphatic, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, urinary, reproductive systems as well as cells, tissues and organs...are all replenished, recharged and rejuvenated.  

  • Memory and concentration increases

  • Body is assisted in a gentle detoxification

  • Energy blocks are released from all layers and levels of the body and energy field

  • Deep relaxation occurs

  • Mental, emotional and spiritual fields are cleared and charged with light particles

  • Drops all resistance to being in a healed state, promotes positive desires to heal

  • Brings in the negative ions needed for healthy functioning

  • Strongly amplifies any desired manifestation/desire

  • Harmonizes harmful EMF in the body and aura field

  • Promotes deep relaxation​

Now as a professional natural therapist I was partly disappointed in my experience of the Tachyon Chamber in Tasmania. The hospitality of the host was above and beyond yet the location of the chamber lacked professionalism and privacy.

Being sensitive to energy I could feel the frequency immediately when in the Chamber, like a comforting weight, and I enjoyed feeling the energy shifts within my body. Sometimes it felt uncomfortable yet as the release hit I felt relief and a deeper sense of relaxation. After my session I did notice a lightness and a sense of wider awakening.

As for my partner he declared he didn't feel anything physical but did see auras of purple and blue.

Everyone's experience can be very unique despite the chamber always being the same. A lady before us shared her experience of sharp severe pain hitting her head and then sharply disappearing. She herself flew interstate just for an appointment and booked several at a time. It is suggested many need more than one appointment. The host facilitating appointments on the day revealed that the majority of their clients are flying from interstate to experience the healing the Tachyon Chamber is said to provide.

At this stage I do not feel comfortable recommending the Tachyon Chamber in Tasmania unless it is upgraded to a professional, quiet and cosy location.

I do believe the Tachyon Chamber provides healing and I hope opportunities to experience it grow. I am continuing to research the Tachyon Chamber as I consider whether it will be an appropriate therapy to add to my clinic.

Yet what I highly and happily recommend are following places I thoroughly enjoyed during my travels of Tasmania.

  • Arcoona Manor, Deloraine

  • Settlers Restaurant, Deloraine

  • Cradle Mountain Highlander Cottages

  • Piermont Resort, Swansea

  • Piermont Resort Homestead Restaurant, Swansea

  • Stone and Barrow Cafe, Richmond


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