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Kinesiology, Integrative Medicine or Coaching for life, health and wellness?

Updated: Jun 1

With a choice, a decision can be difficult. Rest assured, this blog post should help you book the right consultation.

I became a qualified Life, Health and Wellness Coach in 2015. Coaching others through their obstacles was a very rewarding experience, yet I saw the gap in the modality's ability to keep clients on track. Clients would often relapse after a certain amount of time and never seem to reach the wellbeing and life they wanted. I started researching the why behind this observation, to find out what I could do to fix it. That's where I came across Kinesiology and then decide to became a qualified Kinesiologist. What I loved and what I still love today is that Kinesiology works beyond conscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours by diving deep into the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind runs our sabotage programmes that when given the chance, undermine any good intentions the conscious mind has.

Kinesiology uses talk therapy, traditional Chinese medicine philosophy, body work and energetic medicine that allows a client to process and evolve from whatever is stopping them from living a happy, fulfilled and balanced life now.

So what about Integrative Complementary Medicine? Well, this is the modality that allows nutritional components to be assessed, pathology tests interpreted, diet and supplement protocols issued and allows a full translation of the body's nutritional imbalances.

This is why Kinesiology and Integrative Complementary Medicine are combined as it allows the most appropriate treatment approach to be maintained. As you can't rework your thoughts & beliefs if your body is running on empty nutritionally and on the flip side you can eat 100% organically, be the ideal weight and have the perfect job and home but if your mind is a constant battlefield, illness and dis-ease will prevail.

So quite simply, Kinesiology and Integrative Medicine is phase 1. It will work through any limiting subconscious programming, process and evolve from the past and make sure your body is nutritionally balanced.

Phase 2 is Coaching for Life, Health & Wellness as it is future focused and requires a level of self awareness that has evolved beyond negative mental, emotional and physical programming including memories of the past.

Coaching is for those who know what they want, yet they aren't quite sure what the next step is. Coaching is great for addressing that stuck phase in building your career, your wealth, your health & wellness and even your love life as it will help you create the map you need to get what you want.

I hope this has helped make your options clearer, and if not get in contact today so a recommendation can be provided.


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