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Find your better relationship with food today

Our bodies are programmed based on what we repeatedly do.

So when you think about your daily eating habits are they regular?

I grew up learning that I needed three meals a day with two snacks in between, or six meals a day, which is what I used to believe was normal for my body.

Yet one day I figured out it was no longer what I needed or should I say was necessary for my body.

If food is your best friend, if food is your comfort, if food is the way you celebrate, if food is the way you relax, if food is the way you escape your emotions, it’s going to be very difficult for you to be the healthiest best version of yourself.

When it comes to food you have to ask yourself, is that what I want to do for my body? Is this healthy for me? Does it get me the result that I want? Is that activity, that behaviour, that way of eating, getting me the result that I want? Do I feel energised throughout the day? Am I at the bodyweight I want to be? Do I feel like I’m managing my emotions and not always eating all the time so I don’t feel the full vibration in my body because I’m always so full?

Consider how you wish you would eat, or could eat, or want to eat, if you could pick your own brain. If you could eat only for fuel, if you could eat only healthy food, if you weren’t using food for anything but fuel, what would you eat?

If you could manage your emotional life separate from food, what would you eat if the only purpose of eating was to fuel your body, which for so many years, that’s what it was? It’s only recently become normal to use food to enjoy our life.

What if you could separate those two things out again?

If I thought using food to enjoy our life served us as a species, I would be all in. But it has gotten to the point where the types of food we’re using to celebrate and the way we’re using food to escape our lives is harming us tremendously.

Think about what you would eat, if you only ate for fuel, I want you to imagine not only what your body would look like, but also how you would feel physically. What are the foods that you would eat that make you feel the best physically? And then consider what that would require you to do in terms of your emotional management.

If you weren’t ever eating to handle your emotions, what would you need to learn in order to handle your emotions?

So I want you to consider that for yourself. Consider for your life what it would mean if you used your prefrontal cortex for managing your health and your life, instead of just always being reactive to urges.

I want you to consider your life programmed by you, not programmed by society, not programmed by your primitive part of the brain, but by you, by the biggest part of you. What would look different? What would be different?

What is food for and how do you want to use it?

If you take food away from your life as something that entertains you, as something that you celebrate with, as something that brings you joy, what is left and is it enough? Because I feel like, often, so many of my clients are filling up the spaces of their lives where they are unsatisfied with buffering and with food, and when you remove those buffers, it leaves a little bit of a void which people don’t like in the beginning.

But if you allow the void to be there, you will be naturally motivated to fill the void with you, with the purpose of your life, with your essence, instead of filling it up with food. That will make a huge difference in your life.

We need to understand how to process and feel our emotions without buffering and I think we need to eat to sustain ourselves for fuel and manage our emotional lives elsewhere and get our pleasure elsewhere and get our dopamine hits elsewhere.

You can start to make the transition of choosing a different eating routine today. Make food your fuel. By right now honestly looking at your current eating behaviours like an investigator without judgement. Just collect the facts. Start with writing down how often you eat, what you eat, what you crave, what foods you can’t say no to or tend to overindulge in and then how you feel about these current food behaviours and habits in the moment and then also how you feel after the act. You may notice a mix of positive and negative emotions. I also want you to deeply look at how this current way of living/existing with food is stopping you from growing into the version of yourself you imagine and truly want to be.

With this first step complete I want you to put that to the side, take some deep breaths, connect to that big heart of yourself and take a big step into that amazing imagination of yours. I want you to visualise or simply pretend that you have become the ideal version of yourself. The version of you that has learnt to manage all of your emotions. That version of you that no longer buffers with food. I want you to really step into your future self's shoes and look at how you are feeling when you’ve overcome your over eating.

As that future self that has accomplished everything you wish, what is different about the foods you choose now? How often do you eat? What did you have to focus on to get there? What emotions did you have to process to get there? What did you learn through the changes you made to get there? And most importantly what are you doing with all the extra time you have now you no longer think about food?

I hope you allow this blog to spark the steps of change you can take to start becoming the healthiest best version of you. Kinesiology and natural therapies are also a wonderful supportive tool in a transitional time of changing habits and behaviours.

Wishing you all the self discoveries you need and please share your success steps in the comments. You too could help someone by sharing your experience.


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