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Boost your protective Qi

Updated: Mar 20

In Chinese medicine the immune system’s ability to protect the body from external pathogens depends on its Protective Qi. The lungs rule the exterior of the body and are said “to rule qi” because of their role in respiration which is the key to the body’s intake of Natural Air Qi (kong qi).

Many of you are aware of how I bring focus to your breath and how a simple habit of shallow breathing can contribute to poorer performance, increase anxiety, cause indigestion and even cause poor sleep. This is why more than ever I encourage you, in a safe environment with clean flowing air, to continue daily breath focus to strengthen your lungs and keep your body calm. 

How you breath isn’t the only thing that can weaken Protective Qi. I regularly see how simple attitudes and behaviours significantly affect people's immune systems. 

When we feel threatened or under stress we defend ourselves emotionally. This is done by generating attitudes & behaviours that keep people at a distance. 

It is beneficial we find a balance in our lives between this defensive energy and spending time with people we feel safe with. Without a healthy support system we cannot feel safe and this is what is extremely worrying about self isolation. 

“Without a support system, the individual does not have the opportunity to recharge the energy of his or her immune system with feelings of safety and support. Rather his or her “defence” system is running on high energy almost continually, and thus, burnout occurs. Unable to maintain a ‘defence proof’ energy field, a person becomes susceptible to ‘invasion or infection’ as a virus can now penetrate one’s energy field…" [Caroline Myss].

This is why it isn’t uncommon to hear of the romantic loss of a partner passing away soon after their loved one dies. You may also see how over your lifetime your body has become unwell under times of undue stress.

Now is the time to stay connected with technology. Call and face time your loved ones, get off facebook and instagram scrolling. Physically talk to someone in real time and help them and you feel supported. Have a laugh and loosen up and if you or your loved one/s are suffering with emotional stress, guilt in the response to not doing what someone else wanted or fear in response to mass negativity and beliefs, please, PLEASE address it. These 3 common emotional imbalances are said to impair Protective Qi the most. 

Emphasising it’s the time to breath well, process attitudes and behaviours that weaken your Protective Qi, I also wanted to share some of my favourite Protective Qi boosting acupressure points. 

CV17 I call the ‘Sea of Tranquility’ as it governs the body’s resistance to illness and decreases anxiety by regulating the thymus gland. Stimulate regularly to increase your Protective Qi. LU9 points can treat cough, wheezing, difficult breathing, dry throat, phlegm in the lungs, cold hands, weak voice and the weakness and fragility that result from Qi deficiency. Stimulate regularly to increase your Protective Qi. ST36 immediately boosts the immune system with renewed energy. It helps tone and strengthen the major muscle groups, providing greater endurance through times of physical and mental stress. Stimulate regularly to increase your Protective Qi. CV6 I refer to as the Sea of Energy. This acupressure point tones the abdominal muscles and intestines, and helps fortify the immune, urinary, and reproductive systems. Stimulate regularly to increase your Protective Qi. To stimulate these acupressure points simply use gentle finger pressure or place some immune boosting essential oils on them. Just make sure you do not expose areas of the skin that have essential oil on them to the sun as they will increase the likelihood of burns to that area. 

Immune Boosting Essential Oils

Tea tree is one of my favourite antimicrobials and immunostimulants. I love using a few drops in my homemade spray and wipe disinfectant. You can also place a couple of drops of tea tree oil in almond oil, jojoba, coconut oil or olive oil and the apply it to your body and specific acupressure points to increase your Protective Qi. It’s always best to add all essential oils to a carrier oil first before applying directly to the skin. Other great immune-stimulants are Frankincense, Bergamot, Rosemary and Eucalyptus for it's antiviral properties. Whether you choose one or several essential oils, your Protective Qi will benefit. 

After stimulating the acupressure point/s for a few minutes take note of how you breath & feel physically, mentally and emotionally. 


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