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Are you caring for your face the wrong way?

Updated: Mar 20

I have been itching to share with you my beautiful experience and learning on January 23rd 2020.

Every year I celebrate my Birthday by doing something extra special. This year I decided to have a facial at Sage Beauty in Bondi. It wasn't difficult to choose Sage as there are only a handful of Sydney therapists that use MV Organic Skincare products.

I discovered MV around 5 years ago at Ovvio Organics and I have been recommending it ever since.

When I first started using MV products I was lucky enough to have a facial by Sharon, the creator of MV. The facial by Sharon and my experience recently at Sage was at another level. It felt like a whole body healing.

Enjoying my experience at Sage Beauty, I also discovered that I was not caring for my face in the best way. Evonne my therapist made sure I understood what my skin really needed and that was a lot less. It isn't often someone talks about using less rather than more products and it was hard to get my head around initially. My mind was shouting, "what! don't put moisturiser on at night??....won't I get more wrinkles much faster???".

Yet despite my head arguing with Evonne's suggestion I gave it a go and to my surprise my skin has felt so much better. No more unexplained dryness.

Evonne reminded me that our skin needs to breath. So I also stopped putting jojoba oil on my body at night, as her words made total sense. Our bodies always need an opportunity to do what they are programmed best to do - look after us. If we fuel and care for our skin naturally it should be able to self regulate and correct dryness or other imbalances that are going on.

So now being able to make my MV products last even longer my shorter face and body care regime is going really well.

My new daily face and body care regime looks like this:


  • cleanse with MV cleanser or MV pure jojoba with warm compress

  • apply spritz of MV rose hydrating mist

  • apply a drop or 2 of MV rose oil with my MV rose moisturiser


  • Dry body brush

  • Pure organic jojoba or if it's a day in the sun, Living Libations Everybody loves the sunshine oil


  • Remove makeup with pure jojoba oil

  • cleanse with MV cleanser, with warm compress compress x 2-3

  • Spritz with rose hydrating mist

  • optional drop of jojoba to areas of face that feel dry


  • Dry body brush

So simple!!!!

I suggest you rethink or seek advice on your application of face and body care products with the idea of giving your skin time to breath. Not only will your products last longer, your skin will love you for it.


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