Are an employee that wants to find their workplace passion again or maybe you are the employer trying to build a happier, healthier and successful business? 

Kinesiology, Life Health and Wellness Coaching and Integrative Complementary Medicine could be your cornerstone in achieving your wants and needs. 

Just for a moment, imagine what you would need right now to make your workplace better.

Is it having better physical, mental or emotional health?

Is it having more personal or global success?

Is it having a better work/life balance?

Is it having more productivity or motivation?

Is it having the resolve of ongoing conflict?

Is it having better workplace moral?

Is it having a clearer direction for yourself and others?

Whatever it is, Natasha's expertise as an experienced Kinesiologist, Coach and Integrative Complementary Medicine Practitioner has abled all of her clients to get exactly what they need when they follow her simple guidance that promotes the individual understanding everyone needs to aid their better health and wellbeing. 

Individual or group sessions promote the: 

  • alleviation of anxiety and stress

  • easing & improving of postural issues

  • enhanced performance & decision making 

  • increases brain function, learning and comprehension

  • refines and boosts creative flow

  • minimises the impact of major change/s

  • works through overcoming fears and past traumas

  • improves behavioural problems

  • eases pain issues (incl headaches & migraines)

  • supports the achievement of weight goals

  • aids healthy sleep routines & the feeling of being well rested

  • assists digestion issues

  • restores & harmonises the nervous system which fights the stress response

  • creates a feeling of calm deep relaxation.

Natasha King is the practitioner you want.

Experienced in the multitude of issues a business faces she is able to work one on one or in groups. 

In business one on one individual consultations are 45-60 minutes and include the following process: 

  • Talk therapy 

  • Body therapy 

  • Treatment that incorporates a range of natural therapies aimed to resolve the stressor/s & activate a balanced state of being

Every session concludes with offering you and your staff practical tools and techniques for everyday health and wellness self-mastery. 

The following can be experienced after a session: 

  1. Enhanced focus, clarity and motivation towards personal or professional goals. 

  2. Enhanced presence & awareness of work and personal life. 

  3. Release of blocks, fears & limitations. 

  4. Invigoration of resilience, optimism and motivation. 

Group sessions are usually 1-2 hours.

Group sessions work with common issues such as:

  • improving workplace morale 

  • diet & lifestyle education to improve health & wellbeing 

  • effective conflict resolution techniques

  • education on how to let go off personal and professional anxiety & fears that prevent success. 

Enquire now for a quote and a free phone or in person meeting with Natasha. 


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