Cancer isn't just physical destruction, it is mental and emotional upheavel.

Feeling powerless and fearful is no position anyone wants to be in when they are deciding on the quality and quantity of their life. 

My life was thrown upside down when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. To which spread aggressively to my lymphatic and skeletal systems and gave me the label of terminal. 

I have been fortunate to be healthy and well throughout the majority of my cancer undoing. Not one person ever suspected I had anything wrong with me. Fellow cancer sufferers would often joke that I was making it up. While the Doctors seemed to react as if I was deceiving them about the lack of pain I actually had. They'd poke and prode me an extra few times just to see if I would flinch.  

I didn't tell many people until I knew I had it under control. The reason being is that I had to prioritise my own feelings. When you have to tell people you have cancer, it can destroy their world as well. Seeing their despair and distress takes strength for you not to keeping falling into your own dark feelings.  When you have cancer you need to make yourself your number 1 priority. Choose your support tribe carefully and most importantly do not do it alone. 

Feeling darkness is part of healing cancer. It is normal. And there is a time and place for the pain but don't allow yourself to think that's all there is. You can have cancer and enjoy your life. You can still have fun, smile and love life. 

I found a higher state of joy and freedom I had never felt before while undoing cancer.  My new state of health and wellness has changed my life for the better. Even my relationships are stronger than ever. Especially the relationship I have with myself.  

If you are diagnosed or are supporting someone diagnosed please reach out to see how I can support you through this time. Cancer changes everyone's life, not just the diagnosed.

Find your life outside of cancer.



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